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Our Service Area

As our Testimonials page reveals, our service area across Ontario is extensive. We perform home and building inspections throughout Southern and Central Ontario, in Durham Region, York Region, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the respective neighbouring counties - from Oakville to Orangeville, Innisfil to Uxbridge, Pickering and Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and Bowmanville.


What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is an information service and the information you receive should provide peace of mind by offering a technical review of the home. A home inspection can help you gain a better understanding of the home, but it is not magic. It is a snapshot of the condition of the home on the day of the inspection. The review should include a visual inspection of the following major systems and components: roof, structure & foundation, exterior finishes, windows & doors, lot grading, interior finishes, plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, fireplaces & chimneys, attic and attic insulation and basement dampness.


What is inspected?

The inspection is intended to focus on the "big picture" and address those items that could affect your buying decision. Therefore, a professional home inspector will not be looking at cosmetic items such as scratches to the cupboards, nail pops in drywall, torn wall paper, etc. A standard home inspection usually does not include appliances or low voltage systems like telephone wiring, television cable, alarm systems, etc. It will not address environmental concerns such as, but not limited to, air and/or water quality, asbestos, radon gas, moulds, toxins, carcinogens, etc.

Mould and/or indoor air quality testing can be done, when specifically requested, while the inspector is on site.

A home inspection is visual in nature, non-destructive and non invasive. The inspector is a guest in the home and needs to respect the seller�s property. The inspector will not move furniture, lift carpets, cut holes in walls, shovel snow or dismantle equipment. The inspection is not technically exhaustive and all-encompassing due to the various limitations of a visual inspection. For this reason it is important to hire an experienced inspector with excellent communication skills and a strong technical background.



WETT Certified Professionals

What is a WETT inspection? It�s a visual inspection of a wood burning appliance.  WETT is Wood Energy Technology Transfer.  There are three levels of inspections available in addition to maintenance done to chimneys, such as sweeping.

Level one is a visual inspection of readily accessible components of a wood burning system. The purpose is to determine if the system meets current standards and regulations. No components are disassembled during a level one inspection.

Level two is an inspection that includes the dismantling of smoke pipes in addition to the visual inspection. Trim may also be removed from fireplace inserts. The chimney would likely be swept and often, a camera inspection of the chimney can be done, as a part of this service.

Level three would include all the details of a level two, but would also involve cutting holes in walls to inspect hidden components. This type of inspection is very rarely done and would likely be ordered by the Fire Marshall in response to suspicions of serious code issues.

At Canspec Building Services, we only perform level one WETT inspections. We will recommend reputable companies to perform more in-depth inspections and/or to sweep chimneys.  WETT inspections may be booked at the same time as a home inspection, with an extra hour scheduled for the extra report. This report should be acceptable to most Insurance companies.

The extra charge for a WETT inspection is $125.00 plus taxes if done at the same time as a home inspection. If done separately allot a two hour time period and the cost if $200 plus taxes.


The Canspec Difference - Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our clients receive our Satisfaction Guarantee!! As part of our ongoing commitment to offer our clients superior value for their investment. If at the end of the inspection, you are not completely satisfied with your Canspec inspection you don't pay. That's right, we are so sure you will be pleased with the inspection we are willing to stake our fee on it.

Buying a home can be stressful, and so too can choosing the right home inspection company. Now, with our satisfaction guarantee we've removed all the risk and hopefully some of the stress for you.

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