Care and Maintenance of Your Property

So you have purchased your home and now it is time to learn to take care of it.

We at Canspec often tell people that we have seen 150 year old houses that are in fantastic condition and we have seen 15 year old houses that are in very poor condition, with rotted windows and all the caulking gone from previously sealed areas. What is the difference? Its almost always maintenance or the the lack thereof.

If we were able to speak to the builder of the 150 year old home, would they be able to fathom the fruit of their labor, still standing after a century and a half.

The truth is, most of us cant see past our own busy lives. Legacy is not something we consider because we just have too much going on. A good maintenance plan can lead to keeping a home in great condition and the good news is it never takes as much time as you may think.

If you follow a good maintenance plan, you can keep your home in top condition with a little knowledge, effort and organization. There is an old English adage that goes:

    For want of a shoe the horse was lost
    For want of a horse the rider was lost
    For want of a rider the battle was lost
    For want of a battle the kingdom was lost
    And all for the want of a nail.......

This adage parallels nicely with our philosophy with regards to home maintenance. Missing caulking at window, door or trim edge leads to leakage inside, which leads to rot, which leads to structural issues and all for the want of some caulking!

Basic instruction on how to carry out simple maintenance throughout the home is an important part of our maintenance system. For example, all of our inspection reports include a:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Library, offering maintenance tips on every major system in the home
  • section that covers the Function and Care of most Home Appliances
  • Life Cycle and Cost section, showing the average life span and cost of most building components and systems
  • Supplementary section that identifies common environmental concerns that are not typically part of a standard home inspection but may well be something you want to give further consideration
  • Home Set-up section that introduces items or areas that should be reviewed and or improved as soon as you take possession of your home. The section also contains a second version of the seasonal checklist, with a few variations
  • More About Home Inspection section providing information on the limitations and standards of practice associated with a professional home inspection. This is a must read to become more familiar with the home inspection process.

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