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This is a set of very cleverly concealed pipes for a buried heating oil tank. This tank could not be inspected without an expensive excavation. Buried oil tanks can leak oil resulting in brutally expensive environmental cleanups. The worst case we have heard of here in Ontario has cost over $1 million dollars and the cleanup was still in progress at the time.


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This house was being used to grow marijuana. A grow house consumes a lot of electricity. This is the patched foundation under the electrical panel where the grow house operators drilled through it to get unobserved access top to the underground hydro wires. This allows them to steal the electricity for the grow operation before it it read by the hydro meter on the outside of the house. It is important for a home buyer in this situation to be absolutely sure that Hydro is completely satisfied regarding any outstanding amounts owed for electricity at this home. It is also advisable that Hydro be called in to dig up the wires and ensure that they are properly repaired after they were cut into by the grow house operators, for safety sake.


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This house was being used to grow marijuana. It is referred to as a 'Grow House'. These are temporary ducts left in the attic that were being used to vent the excess heat and humidity that is part of a marijuana grow operation. Often, grow house operators will leave clues behind that help us to determine what was going on in the home. This is very useful information for home purchasers to have when making their home buying decision


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